"FEAR" | SS17

Fear has its own beauty, elegance and sensuality. It is one intricate phenomenon. Only living being may experience fear. The dead are nonchalant. You can not cease once there is no self. You become the absolute silence, immortal and eternal, clear from the doom of an immanent "I”. It is important to stop grasping things by their names. Contemplate the feeling and let it reveal itself.








"DRAMA" | FW16/17

Time is elusive and irrevocable: the flower than won’ t be smelled again; the animal that won’ t be seen by the next generations; the work of a genius that was washed away by the time. Natural creations are disappearing, slipping away and we are not in power to return it. Our utmost is empathy and the act of giving back. The Drama Collection aims to create a new beauty by our own hands, as an act of compassion.








"ARXI" | SS16

The wholeness of natural form indicates that the form and forces are always in some sense of equilibrium. Seashells for instance are one of the natural forms whose functions are simple enough to be approximated by a simple mathematical relationship. Natural forms and curves are applicable to human architectures. Baroque architecture inspiration where regular designs gave way to curves, dramatic shapes and decoration was transferred to sculptural leather Kofta pieces to evoke sensual delight..








"ORB" | FW15

Orb is a perfect manifestation of form. It was the basis of everithing.
In the beginning of time... Time began ticking after dividings spheres to billions of particles.
In the beginning of space... The smallest orbital particle that has physical properties is atom.
In the beginning of life... The smallest structural and functional unit of a live organism is cell.
One orb transforms to endlessness to be experienced.







Physics is the patterns of organic energy, all of which are dynamic, alive. Mass is energy, so the subatomic world is always restlessly in motion. Inert matter is full of motion when we look closely at it. The activity of matter is its essence. Geometry is a construct of the intellect.






There are five perfect 3-dimensional forms. Collectively these are known as The Platonic Solids and they are the foundation of everything in the physical world. Literally the entire Periodic Table of Elements is based on these same five forms! It was Marcel Proust who said, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes"






When you are overfilled with information, emotions and words so you might need quietness, clarity of thoughts and space for fitting it all in your further ambient perception. You are able to feel deeply this veritable perception just with poring over the core, the origins of the story, going back to the roots, to one's eternal sense. Is about revealing the answers without even thinking, just contemplating around with a great silence...To feel the truth and verity of origin indeed. Verity is the information which lies inside you from the beginning and always stays there. It is exactly what brings you back to the life.






When it comes to the end, thereafter the flesh dies, it starts to decay.
Skin fades and those pale yellow bones start to be seen through the muscles... they look like armature seeping from reinforced concrete structure...
The core of every matter is inside not outside, the most powerful are always hidden from outer view and influences. It is an initial protection for its being.
Nothing is eternal but it will not fade away without leaving a trace... the essence will remain forevermore...






From birth, We try to stand up and take our first steps. We yearn to touch and be touched and to feel sensations for the first time. We can perceive objects with an unclogged consciousness. Pure perception without comparison . We know nothing other than that which we can see and feel... Spirit does not have form, but some forms can have spirit, vibration does not have a color but color can have vibration, mood does not have a texture, but textures can have a mood. In this collection we focus for the first time more on feelings than just on physical forms And we have created forms, colors and textures according to these sensations...






Imagine water as the solemn foundation of our existence in our world ever so in turmoil. Touched by perennial elements, our water dries up and consequently deforms and destroys the ground, leaving behind patches of eradicated and polyhedral soil. Yet, with the death of one surface, others are born, allowing water to give meaning and energy to our continuous lifecycle. It is in this infinity of life, where KOFTA finds it inspiration for this SS13 collection. Inspired by the existence of natural phenomena and natural transitions, all garments were carefully crafted in the hidden Ukrainian design studio, enveloped by the pure serenity of time. Henceforth, a clear reference is suggested to the erection of the human spine, which evolved as a natural reaction to the raging elements, to strengthen us and develop us into independent, spiritual and conscious beings. It is this transition of materials and anatomy, which inspired this collection, presented by KOFTA for SS13.